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It is mandatory for all participants to take a Covid-19 test prior to attending the residential intensives. The test should be done not more than 48 hours before arrival and should be negative.

As part of the Covid-19 precautions, common regulations such as maintaining social distance, wearing of masks, washing hands and sanitizing must and will be observed.

All other Covid-19 related protocols provided by the government of Kenya, the Ministry of Health and Lukenya Getaway (LE venue) must also be observed. These will be provided in writing and issued to every individual upon arrival at Lukenya Getaway. All participants will be required to sign these protocols to indicate your commitment to comply with all necessary measures. The protocols will also be sent to your personal email one week prior to your arrival in Kenya to enable you to familiarise yourself with them beforehand.

Please note that Covid-19 related information may be updated with immediate effect to reflect changes in circumstances, restrictions, and advice. You can refer back to this page at any time to view the latest updates.

During your stay in Kenya, we may occasionally undertake Covid-19 tests to ensure everyone’s safety. In the case of a positive test result the doctor’s orders will be observed. This may lead to a requirement to self-isolate or to return to one’s country, at your own cost. Please ensure that you have health insurance in place.

All Covid-19 protocols will be followed at the Lukenya Getaway Conference Centre. You will be handed a copy of the details when you arrive.

Page last updated: 4th June 2021