Registrations are now open for Leadership Experience Africa 2025.

About the course

The GCF Leadership Experience is a unique one-year course that is designed to develop Christian leaders of children’s ministry, and provides the opportunity for leaders to learn together with other emerging leaders from around the globe. Participants will be drawn from around the world and will join the Leadership Experience while still remaining with their own church or organisation.

The Leadership Experience responds to a stated need from a diverse range of churches and organisations who wish to develop their key leaders but recognise that they do not have the capacity to provide this on their own.

The Leadership Experience focuses on areas that make a positive difference to their understanding and practice of children’s ministry and to their leadership character and skills.

The Leadership Experience includes mentoring, online discussions, biblical reflections, community research and a residential intensive training programs where participants learn from one another and from experienced facilitators. This residential experience will challenge participants to:

  • Explore Jesus’ commission to ‘make disciples’ of children in a world where diversity in faith backgrounds, family experience, safety and access to technology and education create huge challenges
  • Discover what God is accomplishing through and on behalf of children across the globe
  • Experience the richness of working alongside children’s ministry leaders from around the world
  • Share exciting effective models of holistic children’s ministry
  • Sharpen skills and strategies in team leadership, advocacy and collaboration
  • Reflect on what it means personally to be a follower-leader in God’s kingdom
  • Join a growing cohort of people working together around the world so that every child has the opportunity to love and follow Jesus

The aim of the Leadership Experience is to serve the local and global church by helping to grow a cadre of experienced, passionate children’s practitioners across the globe who:

  • are equipped to influence change for the sake of children and
  • do this in ways that reflect Kingdom values of trust, servanthood, transparency and generosity

For your church or organisation, it is a unique opportunity to invest in the leaders of your children’s ministry so that they become people who can influence and transform our communities for the sake of children.