Registrations are now open for Leadership Experience Africa 2025.

Mentor’s Covenant

The Covenant between the Global Children’s Forum Leadership Experience Facilitation Team and the Mentor

Before signing this Covenant, please ensure that you have read, and that you are able to commit to the requirements as outlined on the Information for Mentors.

By agreeing to this Covenant, you are indicating agreement with the role of a Mentor as set out in the Mentors Guide: To ‘walk alongside’ the participant to encourage personal and spiritual growth and development. This is not to be seen as teaching or training in skills, but rather the development of a Godly mindset and character.

The GCF Leadership Experience Facilitation Team undertakes to link you to a GCF Advisor whose responsibilities will be to:

  • Pray for you and the mentoring relationship regularly.
  • Respond quickly to any questions which may emerge in the course of your interaction with the participant that you refer to the Advisor.
  • Provide you with support and encouragement.
  • Keep communications in strict confidence unless you give permission for others to be included.

In agreeing to this Covenant, you the Mentor undertake to:

  • Make yourself available to meet with the participant for at least one hour each month for the duration of the course. It is the responsibility of the participant to arrange these meetings with you.
  • Pray for the participant regularly.
  • Treat the mentoring meetings as strictly confidential.
  • Notify your GCF Advisor that the Participant has been keeping a regular record of the mentoring process.
  • Advise GCF of any issues affecting the participant’s continued involvement in the LE programme.
  • Inform the GCF Advisor should the mentoring relationship be unsustainable for whatever reason.
  • Evaluate the mentoring experience as Mentor at the conclusion of the Leadership Course.