The GCF Leadership Experience is a unique one-year experience that provides the opportunity for leaders to learn together with other emerging leaders from around the globe.

For your church or organisation, it is a unique opportunity to invest in the leaders of your children’s ministry so that they become people who can influence and transform our communities for the sake of children.

Over one year, LE participants commit to:

  • Undertake guided community research amongst children and leaders
  • Participate in the whole 5-week Residential Course in South Africa focussing on Biblical Foundations of Holistic Children’s Ministry, Understanding the context of children, Transformational Discipling and Kingdom Leadership.
  • Interact with each other in Online forums
  • Meet regularly with Mentors and Supervisors
  • Complete a Ministry Project which brings LE learning into your ministry

We encourage you to apply for the GCF Leadership Experience if:

  • You are an experienced children’s worker of at least five years and are already training others
  • Others recognise your leadership abilities in children’s ministry
  • You work well in a team
  • You are most likely to be between 20 and 45 years of age
  • Your church or Christian organisation recommends you for LE
  • You commit to complete the LE community research before you arrive in South Africa
  • You are able to attend the LE Residential Program in South Africa from February 18 to March 24 2018
  • You are committed to fulfil every LE requirement.

Global & Local Vision

The Leadership Experience serves local churches and ministries that are sharing the Good News of Jesus at grass-roots level. It seeks to strengthen their leadership and so ensure their long-term Kingdom effectiveness.


The Leadership Experience is a collaborative project that grew out of the desires of local churches and ministries to nurture their children’s ministry leaders.


The Leadership Experience core planning group was nominated by a wider consultative group who helped to frame the Leadership Experience, its value and its content. This group represents a further seven ministries including academic institutions in three continents.

Ministry Based

While a focal point of the Leadership Experience is the time at the five-week intensive, the rest of the course is designed so that the participant can continue their full-time employment throughout the year. For some that will be within children’s ministry, but others will have secular employment while volunteering their leadership within a church or organisation.

"I am re-envisioned, inspired and challenged with a more holistic and global view of children’s ministry and leadership."

2016 Course Participant

"Helping people flourish, getting children to participate in God’s redemptive plan to bring people into wholeness from brokenness - that has really opened up the eyes of my heart."

2016 Course Participant

"I loved the sessions on creativity, multiplying your vision, developing teams, dealing with conflict."

2016 Course Participant

"It has stretched and shaken my whole thinking about equipping people for children’s ministry."

2016 Course Participant

"I will be raising leaders who see children in God’s big story of creation as agent of change walking with Jesus to reach out to others in their own context."

2016 Course Participant

"I now have a freshness and new ideas for current training and future training opportunities."

2016 Course Participant

"I was blessed beyond measure and I leave with the full assurance that God loves me!

2016 Course Participant

"There are over two billion children in the world – yet at the moment, most have never heard had an opportunity to hear of Jesus. The GCF Leadership Experience – with its emphasis on working together – has enormous potential to change this. Its aim is to invest in leaders who work locally to inspire and equip local churches to reach and disciple kids, and who network globally to collaborate on child-focussed projects, thinking and strategies."

Wendy Strachan
Scripture Union International